Locksmiths’ Corner: How To Engage Your Prospects

As a locksmith just starting your new local business, or a manager that has been around for a few years, one thing that must be crystal clear to you is this: your customers are the lifeblood of your business. So it is absolutely imperative that you find the cleverest ways to engage with them constantly. If you are not a people's person, you may have chosen the wrong job. Locksmiths are the strangers that a person invites into their home and trusts them with their keys. So they most definitely need to be trustworthy, honest, open to answer any questions, and friendly. If this sounds like a pain in the rear, you may want to look for a different career path.

If you feel prepared to engage with your customers even after you have completed your job, you may manage to build a richer customer database and grow your business. Here are a few ideas on how to engage with your customers instead of simply trying to shove your sales pitch down their throats.

Do What Successful Companies DoAuto locksmith services and rates

Successful brands and companies that do a good job at engaging customers know the latter want to be able to personally interact with peers and learn valuable things in the process. Luckily, we all exist online nowadays, so this couldn't be easier.

  • Create emotional bonds with your customers. According to official Forrester studies, this is critical in order to build strong emotional connections with customers.

  • Learn what your targeted audience desires by using market analysis tools and services. This should aid you boost loyalty and manage to charge higher rates for your services.

  • Customers and prospects alike need to be shown that they will be hiring actual persons and not a faceless business. The white van showing up to their home will not do a great job at establishing trust – that's for sure. Smart and catchy logos that are easy to remember displayed on your vans, together with the name of your business and a motto, professionally looking locksmiths wearing clothes with your business name in on them, all of these can establish trust within the first couple of minutes. A customers looking for local automotive locksmiths rates will also want to know that you have a human side they can rely on. Since locking one's keys inside a vehicle is a stressful event that can trigger lots of negative and overwhelming emotions, locksmiths showing up for lock picking services need to be able to soothe customers and ensure them they can help them immediately.

  • Use social media or emails and introduce yourself to your online community. Send brief messages that are personalized and use your locksmiths' pictures when answering questions online for a more powerful impact.

  • Hold contests offering free lock re-key services or fresh lock installation for customers who share photos of their new locks or alarms you have installed and tag your service. The winner could receive free locks or copy keys, or something similar.